Case Study

New Team Leader case study

This case study shows how Team Sociomapping can be leveraged to prepare teams for team leaders leaving and to prepare them for a new phase of leadership.

  • Current frequency of communication
  • Current frequency of communication (sales)
  • Current frequency of communication (support)
  • Desired frequency of communication
  • Importance of communication
  • Effectiveness of communication
  • Current vs. desired frequency of communication

The maps of current and desired frequency of communication show that Jakob, the leaving leader, would like to decrease his frequency of communication with the team and withdraw gradually. The team, however, still wants to communicate with him very often, even more that they do now (see the desired frequency map), and considers him the most important person. Significantly, the team does not communicate with Sara (the future leader) as much as her future position requires and much less compared to her will. The team also does not see her as that important. Sociomapping thus showed that the team was not entirely ready for the change as Sara didn’t hold a strong enough position within the team to satisfy team members’ communication needs.

As the situation in the team was made clear visually by sociomapping, the team realized the necessity to modify the communication channels. The sociomapping facilitator helped the team to agree on action plans which then led to faster inclusion of Sara to key decision making processes and in effect made the transition relatively smooth.

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