Eurovision 2016 results visual analysis

We have visualized the Eurovision 2016, it shows a very interesting perspective on the results.

Eurovision 2016 final vote visualized! The map shows a visualisation of spectators‘ votes, the bar shows chart jury’s votes. 

Looking at the chart and the map, you can clearly see, that the jury was truly objective and didn’t favor any countries based on anything else (like cultural sympathies) but the quality of their performance.

On the other hand, the sociomap shows how people are, despite their best efforts to rate only the performance, naturally biased. They tend fo favor countries they like and their neighbours. 

  1. The mutual closeness of Russia and Ukraine may seem odd, considering recent events, but to us, this shows a very positive message: Music transcends politics and wars!
  2. Croatia and Serbia voted very positively for each other.
  3. Netherlands and Belgium ended up next to each other which indicates that Benelux countries have good relations.
  4. Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania) ended up also very close to each other.
  5. Ukraine’s victory had most likely 2 factors: the quality of the performance itself but also a gesture of support from all other European countries in trying times.