Space research applied to team development

Space Research

Elaborating on the fact that human brains have an amazing capacity for understanding complex three dimensional images, R. Bahbouh developed the original sociomapping concept (1996) that was used for numerous spaceflight and military experiments with the objective to predict and prevent potential team failures. As the method proved successful we started using sociomapping as a development tool for high performing management teams. Having gathered plenty of data and feedback, we refined it to its current state-of-the-art level. In 2012, Sociomap was awarded the Innovation Award for its significant contribution to the field of sociodiagnostics at the 24th IIAS International Conference.

Perfecting human relationships

Good relationships are essential for human beings. Meet our team supporting this mission.

Radvan Bahbouh

Radvan Bahbouh
Inventor, Associate professor

Radvan studied mathematics, psychology, medicine and pedagogy. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that he was able to combine psychometrics, psychodiagnostics and complicated mathematical models to give birth to sociomapping. Radvan does a lot of researching, coaching and lecturing but every time he gets a chance he devotes his time to mastering a completely new skill himself. And as it is with borderline genius people, it comes to him like second nature.

Dusty Staub
Dusty StaubCertifying Authority US
Dusty brings over 30 years of organizational consulting experience in which he combines his clinical background in psychology with strategic leadership development. He is an influencer and author of a book “7 Acts of Courage”.
David Silverstein
David SilversteinBusiness Development US
David is the leader of a global management consulting firm, but he still likes to roll up his sleeves to work with BMGI’s clients. He and his firm have been leading clients through major organizational change since he founded the business in 1999.
David Lee
David LeeService Provider US
David has 20+ years of management experience in the fields of Strategic Development. David acquired his experience guiding organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 and has developed business partnerships in over 60 countries.
Margherita Larné-Jones, Quentin Jones
Margherita Larné-Jones, Quentin JonesCertifying Authority Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia
With over a combined 40 years of organization development experience, they bring to Sociomapping a rich understanding of how interpersonal behavior and relationships impact culture and the bottom-line.
Pauline Willis
Pauline WillisSociomapping ambasador
Pauline is a psychologist registered in Australia & the UK with 20+ years of experience with team coaching and has been part of our team since the beginning. A finalist to an Occupational Psychology 2015 Practitioner of The Year Award.
Rudolf Kubík
Rudolf KubíkPartner in Charge
Rudolf is responsible for fulfilling the Sociomapping mission and manages our high performing team. He develops the partner network and is already in love with Sociomapping for more than 9 years.
Cyril Höschl
Cyril HöschlChief Programmer
Cyril is the person behind Real Time Sociomapping (RTS) software and has been there since the very beginning. He is in charge of sociomapping development from the mathematical and software standpoint.

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If you are interested in more details about sociomapping and our research on teams visit wikipedia, Mars500, BBC News or ask for the latest updates on our projects.

What works on Mars alwo works down here on EARTH