Quality of education: together is key

September 2020

The most important element of quality education? Social interactions and engagement among peers at schools.

Together with our partners, we are supporting the United nations 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), and moonshoting with a project aiming to support equality, empathy, and healthy relationships at schools.

Our mission is “improving human relationships”. Why? Healthy relationships are essential for our happy life (Harvard Study of Adult Development). The ability to build strong relationships we need to develop since our childhood.

In our project, we want to approach students and their teachers. We want to inspire them, how to take care of healthy relationships in the classroom. Teachers work together with students and reflect and discuss the climate and relationships in the classroom. Together they build their team resilience to prevent any negative behavior and promote tolerance and inclusion.

A better climate with better relationships make better education.

Our goals

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Where does Sociomapping come from?

Our CTO, Cyril Höschl, PhD., and Associate Professor Radvan Bahbouh PhD invented Sociomapping, to visualize interrelationship data. This powerful science, also used by NASA and Army in the military missions, reflects social and team dynamics in a way the human brain can understand, and within seconds. Whether you want to develop a remote, agile, or leadership team, Sociomapping visualizes the current and optimal team set-up and reveals potential issues within collaboration culture.

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