How to make due diligence on team?

September 2019

Are you venture capital investor deciding to invest in the start-up team?

Are you a shareholder or CEO pursuing the effectivity of your teams?

Or simply interested in how to improve team effectiveness?

60 % of new ventures fail due to problems with the team (Klotz ao, 2013)

Financial indicators and gut feeling are usually not enough to do the right choice. Research shows that prior to knowledge and experience, skills predict success.

And this works not only on the individual level but the team alignment, shared vision and passion are essential to becoming a team able to deliver outstanding results.

How Sociomapping can help?

High performing teams have a balanced mix of hard and soft skills: high experience and knowledge with high motivation to share it and high alignment with others.

Therefore we do focus on seeing and improving both. On the following picture, you can see two teams: On the left, there is a team with low alignment about the vision and strategy (higher proximity between individual team members signifies higher alignment between the given people and vice versa).

In particular, there is a low alignment between the VP of Sales and VP of Marketing and their divisions.

On the right, there is a team very much aligned and sharing the same vision (high proximity between all team members and higher height and more warmer colors of the whole team shows higher alignment and probability to succeed in general).

Low aligned teamHighly aligned team

Low passion for the common vision makes stellar knowledge and experience useless.

Usually, you can diagnose the motivation of the people with a few things. One of the most accurate indicators is their willingness to share information with others  If the team members do not feel like sharing their knowledge and expertize, it becomes quite obsolete.

On the following visualization, you can see the motivation and passion in the team and to what extent this motivation is shared between the individual team members. The closer the people are to each other the more they share and communicate about the goals and vision in general. Arrows highlight the relationships with the highest need to increase the intensity of sharing which could help the team most.

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