Remote Teamwork Made Effective

Sociomapping supports collaboration. Whether you are a remote, virtual or hybrid team, sociomapping instantly visualizes the intensity and quality of team-members’ interaction. It provides insights into team effectiveness and uncovers things that would remain invisible.

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Get insights and improve your team dynamics in real-time.

21% better

Team performance have been reached through sociomapping in 6 months.


It is grounded in science. We do research with NASA and ESA about teams since 1994.

Insights you get


How the team currently looks like?

How are the team-members connected with others? Who is potentially overloaded? Which members are disconnected?


How the team should look like?

What is the desired team set-up? How to optimize communication among team members? What are the key communication gaps?


How to improve team collaboration?

Which team relationships need more attention? How to increase teams agility? How to support your people and maintain trust?

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Sample visualization

Are you interested?

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