Break new ground in team collaboration

Whether you are a small company or a multinational with hundreds of teams scattered all over the world, sociomapping will support collaboration in your team and uncover things that would remain invisible.

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Why sociomapping?

It may be easy – better results can be delivered through improved collaboration.


Cohesion and trust

 Trust and safety in the team have increased, conflicts disappeared in 6 months after sociomapping.



8 teams out of 10 report higher engagement and proactivity after sociomapping.

21 %

Customer satisfaction

Improved collaboration of the hotel teams has led to an increase in Booking.com rating from 8,06 to 9,01.

When to use

Whether you want to develop a remote, agile or leadership team, sociomapping visualizes the current and optimal team set-up and reveals potential pain points.


Virtual, Cyber, Agile …

any team…learn about the gaps in team effectiveness.


Change management

Overcome resistance, handle conflicts and negativity


Leadership development

Fresh insights for leaders and self-organized teams

See use cases

2,4 mil

relationships mapped and improved globally


teams of Fortune 500 companies mapped every year

1 500

army troops sociomapped in Afghanistan and other missions


research projects around teams with NASA and ESA since  1994

CEOs about sociomapping

„Better than crisis manager, Sociomapping has saved our marketing team in 6 months.”

Erik Cizek, CEO

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„...enhanced personal and team efficiency during merge with acquired companies.”

Milan Vašina, CEO

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„...improved cooperation across the whole division on customer projects ”

Miroslav Svoboda, Partner in charge

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"...an eye-opener for our senior team and an innovative way to build stronger teams."

Carlos A. Migoya, President and CEO

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„Sociomapping led to tangible team improvements.”

Neil Meyrick, Director of Americas & EMEA

"...persuasive impetus for improving personal and team efficiency."

Pavel Kysilka, CEO

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„...quick & effective tool for creating shared leadership team vision.“

Mario Drosc, CEO

Raiffeisen Bank

"...effective health check of company communication necessary for our growth."

"...useful and easy-to-use tool for improving communication and collaboration"

Andrej Glezl, CEO

Jiri Pavlicek, CEO

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"Sociomapping helped to resolve a deep crisis in the Air Force and a better understanding of how to set up foreign military missions. For instance, in the Kosovo mission Sociomapping helped us to understand how strong is the position of the given leader and it has also indicated Miloševičs resignation, which consequently happened..."

Citation from a letter to the expert team, NATO conference, Amsterdam, 2008

Jiří Šedivý, former Chief of Staff Czech Army

“Crisis management was indicated for our marketing team. Sociomapping has helped us to save the team within 6 months.”

Erik Cizek, CEO

„Sociomapping has seriously helped to enhance personal and team efficiency during integration with acquired companies.”

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Milan Vašina, CEO

“The team mapping was an eye-opener for our senior team and an innovative way to build stronger teams – an excellent product and process.”

Carlos A. Migoya, President and CEO

„Socio-mapping led to tangible team improvements.”

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Neil Meyrick, Director of Americas & EMEA Leader Development

“Sociomapping is a persuasive impetus for many people to seriously think about improving personal and team efficiency, and to invest their time and energy into it.”

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Pavel Kysilka, CEO

„Socio-mapping helped to improve cooperation across the whole division and levels on customer projects ”

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Miroslav Svoboda, Partner in charge, Financial advisory services

„ It is a quick and effective tool for getting feedback and creating shared leadership team vision.“

Raiffeisen Bank

Mario Drosc, CEO

“Sociomapping helped us to check the “health” of our company’s communication and define the changes necessary in order to continue our growth.”

Andrej Glezl, CEO

“Sociomapping helped to resolve deep crisis in Air force in Kosovo mission…”

Jiri Sedivy, Chief of Staff

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